Le Città. Reloaded #002

Omaggio a Gabriele D’Annunzio

Ediz. Limitata.



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Genere: arti, fotografia

ISBN 978-88-32140-14-9

Autore: Giovanni Marinelli

Formato: 235 x 310 cm // 9.25×12.24inches

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Rilegatura speciale Watoji

Lingua: inglese

Curatore: Christina Magnanelli Weitensfelder


“Will we see the Hero rise up at dawn?”

The narrative thread of the Cities of silence (1926), by poet Gabriele D’Annunzio concerns the arrival of a near future which, through reawakening and purification, will improve the fortunes of Italy. Among allusions to blood and to deeply symbolic meanings, D’Annunzio offers a glimpse of a mute destiny that he creates from the desert and from the absence of all noise.

#002 –Le città. Reloaded è un’edizione limitata a 150+1AP.