Le Città. Reloaded (eng)

Giovanni Marinelli

Giovanni Marinelli

The Italian premiere : if you happen to be in the city of Milan this September, don’t miss the photography exhibition ‘Le città. Reloaded’, staged in the city’s coolest space.

Le Città. Reloaded – by rebuilding the future, art predicts the destiny of Italy (and the world).

LE città. reloaded (CITIES. RELOADED): an exhibition project of carefully selected photography held in the coolest location in Milan today: Giovanni Marinelli takes centre stage with a new corpus opere to be hosted by Salotto di Milano. Curated by Francesca Bellolla.

On 10 September, Le città. reloaded will open in Milan, an exhibition project promoted and organised by Italian high-end publishing group AImagazinebooks.

The concept behind Salotto di Milano is a smart one. Directed by Paolo Gelmi, at just 12 months after its opening, it has already become one of the favourite destinations of all those seeking a top location in the ‘most influential’ metropolis of Milan, a city renowned worldwide as a symbol of excellence in the areas of fashion, design and food. The prestigious location stands tall in the heart of the fashion district. Inside, it hosts the excellence of fine Italian production, choosing art as an opportunity for performing basic, essential research that stimulates the city, but also, and above all, its visitors.

le città. reloaded is a unique project, based on the theme of the vision of the future in relation to our present, and for 2020 the chosen focus is the new concept of rethinking our identity in the inevitable relationship with the metropolises.

The protagonist of Le città. Reloaded is Giovanni Marinelli, with a new work dedicated to the theme of the collective memory, which, like the narration by a voice offstage, tells a story suspended between man, objects, and nature.
“I have chosen to underline the lack of difference between being human and the urban environment, using a ‘super-colour pattern’ for part of the works on display, and vice versa, the part of the works in black and white is nature that observes, both party to and at the same time detached from the scene, surrounded by a sacred aura, that continues to leave spaces”

At the opening, the exhibition project will be accompanied by readings from a precious 1926 text by Italian poet D’Annunzio, Le città del silenzio (Cities of silence), using the word as a fundamental research tool in perfect harmony with art, assigning the right role to Italian creativity even more effectively.

What were the reasons behind the decision to accompany the photography project with a 1926 text by the ‘Italian prophet of poetry?
“The narrative thread of Cities of Silence (1926) by Italian poet Gabriele D’Annunzio is the advent of a near future which, by reawakening and purifying, will improve the fortunes of Italy. Among references to blood and deeply symbolic meanings, D’Annunzio offers a glimpse of a mute destiny generated by the desert and by the lack of all noise, always allowing us to see a glimmer of hope for the future.” – Christina Magnanelli Weitensfelder, CEO of AImagazineBOOks

“They are the spaces, streets and buildings to which another life beyond the object’s own original life is attributed, through plays of colour involving depth and vivid contrasts. It is on the road which hosts the passers-by that the essence of their walk comes to life. It is the porphyry cobblestone that becomes a symbol of kinetic energy. In this way, human-shaped spots of colour move in different directions, but the mark of the author does not change: what counts is their pathway, capable of welcoming second thoughts, pace changes, evasions, invasions, hand holding, goodbyes and distances.
It is in the concrete that the human being-shaped spots of colour gain momentum and change course, then dissolve, amoebas starved of flattened existence.
Because, as my favourite teacher told me, with her glasses pushed down her nose, and adopting the words of Sergio Leone as her own: “Clint Eastwood is not the star of the scene. The cigar is.”
So, there it is. Let the road shine.”- taken from the exhibition catalogue, published by AIMagazinebOOks, text by Dunia Elfarouk

“When I saw the photographer Marinelli’s works for the first time, I thought about the incredible relationship between his work, our period in time and the important work that Italian creativity produces in luxury craftsmanship, from art to design” – Simona Gervasio, head of the Art Section at Salotto di Milano.

The photography project Le città. Reloaded is a collection dedicated to all those who strive to understand the time they are living in as effectively as possible.

Booking is mandatory. Admission is limited as ordered by the Italian Prime Minister’s Decree. For info: 02 76317715 – Mon- Fri 10am – 6pm

10-21 SEPTEMBER 2020


Giovanni Marinelli


Francesca Bellola




Milano, Salotto di Milano
corso Venezia, 7

Salotto Art Direction

Simona Gervasio


10 September 2020, 3pm, 5pm, 7pm

open to the public

10am -5 pm from Monday to Friday,
Saturday by appointment




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Giovanni Marinelli

began taking photographs in 1970. His works were exhibited during the Biennale (2011), at the Alinari in Florence, (2012), and others. He has worked on installation projects with Franco Summa. Published cum nota in various encyclopaedia and in the press in the art and interior design sector. His production of photography is strictly limited edition and it is divided ‘in tandem’ between stern black and white and re-actional colour.
“It refers, without repeating itself, to his verticalisms, to the tricks of perspective that have always made him a poet of structures and architect of climbs towards the sky.” – Dunia Elfarouk.
He lives and works in Italy.

The Drawing Room of the third millennium.

Il Salotto di Milano is a multi-sensory place built, from its very walls, to bring the best of Italian savoir-faire to the world, creating luxury based on the authentic value of fine Italian production and on the emotion that the latter is capable of offering.
Here, every object becomes an experience that visitors can enjoy and, if they so desire, purchase too: art, hi-tech fashion, jewellery, design, interior decoration, food and beverages.
A pathway created to tell stories of beauty, from the very beginning.
Salotto di Milano is a business model built on the emotion and poetry of the real – and unique -concept of “Made in Italy” excellence.


Visionary Character.
The group, founded in 2006 as a publishing house, has grown and evolved to create high-end editorial products in dialogue with the communications sector, pursuing the most advanced brand strategy and basing its research in the emotional area of the visual arts.