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Yoshikazu Sakamoto

Born in Fukui, Japan 22/8/1967. He lives in Fukui.
He could not play with friends and had to be in his home or hospital.
After he recovered completely, he got license of motorcycle when was 19 years old.
More than 20 years, motorcycle was his hobby. However, he met an accident with large dump truck in July when was 41 years old and entered hospital half of a year.
After he left hospital, he started to photograph for shoot his son playing baseball. Also started to shoot objects, landscape, and street snap and so on...
He came to post his photos on Facebook and one of his friends saw his photos posted induced him to apply for review of Mt. Rokko International Photography Festival.
Therefore, he applied and passed examination. Moreover, it was first time for him to meet “professional photographers” in the festival.
Especially, photographer Yukinori Tokoro inspired him as a photographer. The festival changed his sense of value.