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Michael Huw Humphrey

(b. 1984, South Africa) is a self taught British photographer & director. His first encounter with photography happens in 1996 when he finds his fathers Pentax K1000. In 2004 moves to Sydney, Australia and a year later relocates to London, England. Here he works as an assistant to various world renowned photographers and directors. In 2008 Michael dedicates his time to developing a unique style of thrilling and alluring imagery. His photographs often take on a surreal appearance with dark undertones of humour that encompass reality, fiction and elements of cinema. Over the years, he learns advanced darkroom hand printing techniques from some old school masters who printed for Beaton, Bailey, Watson, Bourdin and Newton. He personally meets and photographs influential artists such as photographer & film maker Denis Piel and photographer & painter Will McBride amongst others. Michael is currently working on a script for a film.

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