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Maria Lucia Buccolo

(1983) is an Italian independent art curator & exhibition designer. After obtaining a master’s degree in architecture at the university “La Sapienza” of Rome, she moved to Amsterdam, and worked as draftsman for a design studio and as assistant for art galleries. Successively, she undertook studies in museology, obtaining a master of arts in museology at the Reinwardt Academy of Amsterdam.
In her thesis for the MA in museology and while working at the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands, she investigated on the topic of heritage and public participation. Maria Lucia worked then as curator & exhibition designer for Beeldend Gesproken of Amsterdam, an art gallery and cultural podium specialized in artists with a psychiatric background; where she created, developed and built several exhibitions. Public participation and diversity issues are important points of development in her activity as art curator & exhibition designer.
As museum professional and architect she manages and enjoys the balance between research and technique.
Maria Lucia is a creative thinker, writer and project developer. She is always looking for interesting food for thoughts/insights in order to get art and heritage closer to people. She loves to explore beyond the boundaries, searching for new perspectives and interactions with different artistic practices.
She speaks several languages, she has a lot of interests like photography, literature, cinema, travelling, cooking, etc; but her deepest passion is writing. Energy, passion, dedication, empathy and irony are her approach to work and life.

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