Author Picture

Giuseppe Umberto Cavaliere

born in Milano in 1951 on december 5th, lives in Milano.
He frequented the Deutsche Schule Mailand and graduated as a medicine doctor at the University in Milano.

The medical activity brought him to approach the very essence of life.
He started photographing during the last high school years and after some forceful interruptions during the university years, he was increasingly committed with photography up to the present time, having abandoned in the meantime the hospital activity.

In the eighties he turned to color and landscape. His pictures were published in photography and tourism magazines (Weekend & Viaggi, Bell’Europa Ed. Giorgio Mondadori).

Since the last years of the nineties he is committed to b/w traditional film photography fine-art-printed on gelatin silver paper.
He relentlessly developed his personal themes, but only occasionally looked for critical confrontations and promotions of his works.
Some of his b/w photographs were published in FOTOGRAFIA by M. Capobussi De Agostini Ed., 1999.

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