Author Picture

Christian Zanotto

Was born in Marostica (Vicenza), in 1972; after the studies at the Venice Fine Arts Academy he moved his studio to Amsterdam; he currently lives and works between the Netherlands and Italy. His artworks are characterized by a strong aesthetic and scenic impact and investigate the nature and the mystery of the existence and the archetypal field of the psyche: this at times metaphysical approach aims to deepen studies about perception and to a psychological and emotional involvement of the viewer. Since the beginnings Christian Zanotto’s artistic research goes beyond traditional mediums, with the purpose of creating a technical and conceptual fusion of the material and the immaterial, of the virtual world with that of tradition, to explore the ways in which they interrelate. Master of the digital arts, he molds, by means of various programs, intangible sculptures, elegant figures which he materializes on panels of crystal or translates, through animation, in video sequences, holographic installations and screen paintings; these audiovisual creations confront the spectator with another ambit, which is adjacent, parallel and co-present with the one that we commonly perceive: a staging of the multiple levels of reality. The figuration is constituted by unique images, new icons of the digital era who belong to a fluid spacetime that’s typical of artist’s poetics, where the future of new technologies finds its most intense expression in the dialogue with the history of art.